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Synthesis Essay Examples

Synthesis Essay Examples Synthesis Essay Synthesis is the act of combining information from more than one source in order to say something new or more complex than the original sources. Synthesis is different from summarizing because the goal is to produce something new-a new main idea-rather than just summarizing the existing texts. When someone writes a synthesis essay, the goal is to bring together information from various sources and use that information to say something specific about the topic. In a synthesis essay, the writer has a new main idea or thesis, and he or she synthesizes information from various sources to support the new main idea or thesis. Examples of Synthesis Essay: Below are excerpts from different public domain sources about the 4th of July. Then, the paragraphs that follow are a synthesis essay of the information. On July 4, 2019, at the National Archives in Washington, DC, 40 candidates from 29 countries took the oath of allegiance to become citizens of the United States. Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of Transportation Elaine L. Chao, and Archivist of the United States David S. Ferriero spoke during a special naturalization ceremony in the Rotunda in front of the nation's Charters of Freedom-the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. They shared their own families' immigration stories and congratulated the new citizens on becoming Americans. (from: This July 4 marks the 242nd anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, one of the most celebrated holidays in the United States. The declaration announced the colonies' separation from Britain in 1776, but celebrating Independence Day every year became popular after the War of 1812. In 1870 Congress officially made it a federal holiday. Every year, Americans celebrate what many call the "nation's birthday" with firework shows, parades, and patriotic ceremonies. (from: On July 4, we celebrate our nation's 243rd birthday and the day the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence in 1776. USCIS marks Independence Day with naturalization ceremonies across the country. This year, we will welcome almost 7,500 new citizens in nearly 110 naturalization ceremonies between July 1 and July 5. A list of highlighted Independence Day-themed ceremonies is below. (from: While many of us celebrate the 4th of July, or Independence Day, with hotdogs, parades, and fireworks; every year, many people who are new to this country celebrate by becoming citizens. It is fitting that the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) holds naturalization ceremonies as part of the national Independence Day celebrations. Each year, the United States celebrates Independence Day on July 4th, the anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence and the birthday of the country. In 2019, the country celebrated its 243rd birthday amid the normal pomp and circumstance of fireworks, parades, and ceremonies. In what has become an annual tradition, USCIS held approximately 110 naturalization ceremonies during the 4th of July week, in which nearly 7,500 immigrants to the country became citizens. On July 4th at the National Archives, 29 different countries were represented as 40 persons took the oath of citizenship. The ceremony was attended by Vice President Mike Pence and other government officials. How fitting that naturalization ceremonies coincide with America's birthday, and that 243 years after the founding fathers declared their independence and pledged an oath to fight for freedom, others can take an oath of citizenship in the United States of America.

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My Top 11 SAT Prep Resources, Ranked.

My Top 11 SAT Prep Resources, Ranked. About me: I'm a Harvard Grad, SAT/ACT perfect scorer, and professional SAT test-prep tutor since 2002. Below are my top 11 personal recommendations for SAT prep practice tests, strategy and learning books, online learning programs, videos, and the like:1) Official College Board SATs and PSATs (about 40 total). 2)Khan Academy (free) adaptive online learning program in partnership with the College Board3)Ivy Global series of books (best all-in-one guide for strategy and learning) 4)College Panda series of books (math only)5)Erica Meltzer Series of books (verbal only)6)PWN the SAT website / books (math only)7) A Guide to the Math SAT (math only)8)SAT Quantum videos (math only)9)SuperTutor TV videos 10) UWorld adaptive online learning program11) videos (explanations to all 8 tests in the Official Guide, mostly free)UPDATE, 7/26/19: Read my simplified list of recommended SAT books on Unless otherwise noted above, the materials are paid materials. In some cases (SAT Qua ntum, for example), there are free videos as well as paid videos.I have ranked the videos lower than the books because I prefer learning from books and adaptive online learning programs to static videos. In general, I would caution against a video-heavy learning approach, which is tempting due to its ease/convenience, but often leads to low retention as a result of passive learning. Good luck on your SAT and beyond!-Brian

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Compare and contrast The Great Gatsby to Bartleby the Scrivener Free Essay Example, 1250 words

Therefore, the green light indicates how Gatsby has spent most part of his life waiting for better things that is money, success and Daisy’s love (Fitzgerald 34). Therefore, the novel’s author uses the green light as a symbol to show Gatsby’s longings and wants. Nevertheless, during the culmination of the novel, Nick says, â€Å"the green light eluded us then, but that’s no matter-tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out arms farther† (Fitzgerald 147). Therefore, by this statement, Nick was trying to connect the green light to every individual in the society because he believed that in life, everyone has something that he is searching for desperately. Therefore, Nick calls it green light because he believes that it result to positive changes within individuals’ life. Similarly, Melvin in the novelBartleby the Scrivener uses varying symbols to explain dissimilar things. For example, towards the conclusion of the novel, the author says that Ba rtleby used to work in the dead-letter office. This information shocks the lawyer, whereby we see him saying â€Å"Dead letters! Does that sound like dead men? † (Melville 78). Therefore, the lawyer believes that the dead letters that Bartleby used to read are the main cause of his depressions that resulted into apathy and emotional detachment. We will write a custom essay sample on Compare and contrast The Great Gatsby to Bartleby the Scrivener or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now Consequently, this novel used dead letter to symbolize bad things in life (Melville 56). Both Great Gatsby by Scot Fitzgerald and The Bartleby the Scrivener by Herman Melville are stories, which takes place during the 19th century in New York City. The stories consist of dissimilar characters such as Turkey, Nippers and Nick who play varying roles. The stories have varying themes, for example, Melville uses dissimilar themes such as charity, work ethics, and ruling among others in his piece of work (Melville 32). Similar to the Great Gatsby whereby Fitzgerald uses themes such as class, wealth, social standing among others to bring out dissimilar situations (Fitzgerald 17). In both stories, the authors use symbols to explain different meanings, which highly contribute towards the formation of the main themes in the stories. In both stories, the narrators apply the aspect of narration and metaphors. For example, in Bartleby the Scrivener, Melville exa mines complexities that exist among every character through narration. The same incidence happens in the Great Gatsby when Gatsby was talking about dissimilar characters with their roles. Melville also uses different metaphors in his narration such that the title â€Å"Bartleby the Scrivener† is a metaphor, which shows the many problems that human beings encounter while trying to communicate in the society.

Harriot Stanton Blatch Feminist and Famous Daughter

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The Slavery Of The United States Of America - 951 Words

Land, labor and capital become important when economically developing a country. In the attempt to develop America, African Americans and minorities have suffered greatly in finding their identity within their history and equality among those who have discovered their individualities. Slaves were usually Africans who were forced into North and South America. Slaves were built into the constitution and then creating the history of the United States of America. For example, there are three main clauses in the US constitution that pertain to race, which include the three-fifths clause Art. I Sec 2.3, importation clause Art 1 Sec 9.1(how to tax slave trade). Slavery was about the exploitation of labor, it was a way to capture blacks†¦show more content†¦Slaves were not allowed/taught to read and those who did were usually the house slaves and overseers. Nonetheless, Slaves were taught the Bible and were forced to practice Christianity into abandoning anything that uniquely that identified them as being a native of Africa. Unlike most immigrants who come to America for the â€Å"American Dream† of a better life from their homeland country, African Americans are the only race that was unwilling brought to America. However, Native Americans were exploited for their land. Native Americans were forcibly removed from the land in which they were, now known as America. Technically Native Americans had ownership and rights of the land. The Indian Removal Act was a law providing for an exchange of land with the Native Americans residing in any part of the state or territories on the east and for their removal west of the Mississippi river. Native Americans were pushed out of their lands. While traveling to new land many, if not most, American Indians died (trail of tears). Despite limited Indian reservation nations, many tribal histories have been erased. Before slaves became free, the underground railroad helped hundreds of slaves escape from slavery, some plantations rioted, such as the Nat Turner’s Rebellion, and others escaped on their own. The Fugitive Slave Act was a law implementing the return of fugitives and slavesShow MoreRelatedThe Slavery Of The United States Of America Essay1279 Words   |  6 Pages In reaction to the longstanding injustices of slavery in the United States of America, revolutionaries known as abolitionists provided and shared their philosophies and courses of action in order to lead others in joining them to dispose of the enslavement of their fellow man and woman. There were, of course, diverse viewpoints and ideas in how freeing the enslaved would go about and why it was important. Leading abolitionists, including John Brown, Angelina Grimke, William Lloyd Garrison, and FrederickRead MoreAbolition Slavery And The United State Of America859 Words   |  4 Pages In the 1840s slavery become a big issue in the United State of America. Since passing the Louisiana Purchase, the United State start expanding their land. They took over the Indian Territory by forcing them to leave the country or to relocate in the different city. The expansion of the United State leads to decide some state should be a free slave. In the 1820s, they passed a low that request 36’30 parallel are decided to be a free state. Abolition slavery becomes a question In the American societyRead MoreSlavery Issues Of Slavery Between North And South848 Words   |  4 PagesSlavery Issues The issues of slavery between North and South was indirectly the cause of the beginning of civil war. Since the North changed their minds about the black population, they had a difficult time with the South, with they believe that Africans had to serve white people. So the problem between the North and South wasn’t something new, it was happening since the government was trying to prevent spread out of the slavery across America, as a result, South started to create, manipulate, andRead MoreThe End Of Chattel Slavery Essay1648 Words   |  7 PagesLooking back in history, you will find that slavery was always present. There are accounts of slavery in Babylon, Greece, and Rome, all occurring before the Common Era; but there was a major change during the year 1619 in the way slavery was implemented. This form of slavery was known as chattel slavery. Defined as â€Å"A civil relationship in which one person has absolute power over the life, fortune, and liberty of another† (, chattel slavery targeted African slaves that were broughtRead MoreSlavery During The Civil War1707 Words   |  7 Pagesthe North grew. Slavery was vital to the economic well-being of the South, and when the North began to question the â€Å"peculiar institution† of the South the wall of civility between the two sectionalized areas began to crumble. Due to the growing issue of slavery in the 1850s, the United States of America was in a state of total disarray and turmoil. The tension that had always existed between the North and South over the matter of slavery was no longer ignorable. As the United States expanded to theRead MoreThe Expansion Of The New Nation1477 Words   |  6 Pagesof nineteenth century America, the new nation’s original ability to resolve conflict through means of peaceful compromise had vanished. Various spans of conflict such as Westward Expansion, the Market Revolution, Sectionalism, Mexican American War, the success ion of the southern states and ultimately the failure of the Compromise of 1850 that made compromise between the North and the South unattainable. It was the uncompromising differences amongst the free and slave states over the power of theRead MoreThe Impact Of The 1860 Presidential Election1442 Words   |  6 Pagesthe United States. He was the very first Republican to serve as president, eventually leading the Union to victory during the civil war. Lincoln opposed the idea of the expansion of slavery but acknowledged that he would not interfere with slavery where it existed. Despite this, Southern fears that slavery would soon be abolished by Republicans became a reality after Abraham Lincoln was elected president on November 6th, 1860. The election influenced the secession of numerous Southern states fromRead MoreThe Cornerstone Speech And The Thomas Nast s Cartoon863 Words   |  4 PagesThe American Civil War erupted in 1861 due to the constitutional and ideological differen ces between the Northern and the Southern states. The North advocated for equality and protection of human rights. On the other hand, the South considered the white to be more equal than the blacks. There are two historical documents that bring out the picture of the United States during the 1860s. The documents are the cornerstone speech by Alexander H. Stephens and the editorial cartoon by Thomas Nast that depictRead MoreExperiences Of Slaves During The American Civil War1528 Words   |  7 PagesExperiences of Slaves in America How did the experiences of slaves change from the 1600s to the end of the American Civil War and does it exist today? Introduction: The 1600s were full of events that helped make America what it is today. 1619 was the beginning of a revolutionary time still known as the Reconstruction period. Africans were shipped over to a country they had never been to before, and basically told how to live their lives under the enforcement of American farmers. Some thought thatRead MoreThe Slavery Of The United States1449 Words   |  6 Pages â€Å"Slavery is founded on the selfishness of man’s nature; opposition to it on his love for justice.† This saying by Abraham Lincoln tells us that people are really different when it comes to their beliefs and attitudes. Some are so focused on wealth, which is why they have slaves to work for free, and treated them as properties instead of real human beings. On the other hand, some people were against slavery because it violated the basic human rights like the right to life, liberty, and security.

The Most Effective Method Of Sex Education - 1239 Words

Tory Waver Scott Macrae Section – 0266 The Most Effective Method of Sex Education INTRODUCTION Sex is a touchy subject and administrators all over the country have spent years trying to figure out the best way to teach their minors about it. Sex education in America is crucial because we are known for our high rates of pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections among teenagers. However, things like religion, morals, and rights are factors that have swayed the education system making it harder to determine the â€Å"right† way to teach sex education. There are two methods of which sex education can be taught - abstinence only or comprehensively. For my ethnography project, I chose to examine the difference in effectiveness between the two forms of sex education. I interviewed individuals from younger and older generation to find out the changes in sex education from the past to now and to determine what factors have led to the reduction of teen pregnancies and STI’s in America, thus helping me find out what methods are more successful. BACKGROUND America, being one of the leading countries for high rates of teen pregnancies and STI’s, has ensured that every state is somehow involved in sex education for students. Each educational institution however, has its own method of carrying out that education meaning that the effects vary virtually across every school. In terms of abstinence-only and comprehensive sex education, both sides argue that their approach isShow MoreRelatedEssay about Teen Pregnancy Prevention 1164 Words   |  5 PagesMany methods can be used to prevent teenage pregnancy and can decrease the birthrate significantly. Doctors and parents play a key role in teen pregnancy preventions. Since teen birthrates are rising, teens have to have access to preventions in order for it to be effective. With having permission from a guardian to engage in preventions, children can prevent themselves from becoming a parent at such a young age. Parents should properly inform their child on the subject of sex and commu nicate withRead MoreSex Education Programs1177 Words   |  5 PagesSex education programs were created to reduce the number of teen pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, and HIV/AIDS. For a long time there has been a debate over which sex education method, comprehensive or abstinence only, should be taught to adolescents. Comprehensive sex education is an approach that â€Å"advocates giving teens age-appropriate instruction concerning birth control methods, safe sex, and differing sexual orientations† (Kelly, 2011, p. 153). This method may encourage abstinenceRead MoreThe System Of Sex Education Essay1034 Words   |  5 PagesSystem of Sex Education Abstinence education should be a part of sex education in schools because it is the best way to avoid the risks of unsafe sex. Children are only taught how to have sex, and they believe the pullout method is effective. Some children are not ready for sex, but they do it anyway because they are not told to wait. Abstinence should be taught as part of sex education because sexual transmitted disease, teen pregnancy, and abortion rates would decrease. Sex education in schoolsRead MoreShould Sex Education Be Mandatory?1364 Words   |  6 Pagesdebate whether young adults should receive sex education in their school curriculum. Statistics show that one-third of girls become pregnant before the age of 20. An increase in teen pregnancy could be due to the age of which females reach puberty. Today, there has been an enormous increase in young girls reaching puberty before the age of seven. Could encouraging sex education in schools decrease the amount of pregnant teens? The purpose of sex education is to educate adolescents of the consequencesRead MoreAbstinence-only vs. Abstinence-plus1607 Words   |  7 PagesThere are many problems facing teenagers these days. None are bigger than the issue of underage sex, and all the issues stemming from it. The number of teenagers becoming sexually active, pregnant, and contracting sexually transmitted diseases are rapidly on the rise. There is no simple fix, or easy solution to this problem . Sex education should begin at home, and extend to include an effective program in schools that reinforce a clear message of abstaining from sexual activity in addition toRead MoreHigh Teen Pregnancy Rate: Comprehensive Sex Education at Fault?1377 Words   |  6 Pagesare many preliminary causes for such a high In Kizzy’s case, the blame is put on the lack of sexual education within her school. She claims that because she did not received adequate information on this subject, she was unaware of what she was getting herself into. The question is: will the opportunity to experience sex education classes make a difference in preventing teen pregnancy? Sexual education, in a broad sense, is a series of courses taken by adolescents throughout their school years in orderRead More Preventing Teenage Pregnancy Essays1195 Words   |  5 Pagesare a lot of things to worry about. The greatest problem associated with teen pregnancy is financial instability. Most teens do not have the salary to support a child. In the prevention of teen pregnancy there are many things that are helpful. Abstinence is a for sure way of not getting pregnant. There are also other helpful ways to help prevent teen pregnancy, such as sex education and birth control. All of these things are essential in the helping to prevent teenage pregnancy. AbstinenceRead MoreA Brief Analysis Of Sex Education1134 Words   |  5 PagesA Brief Analysis of Sex Education from Inception to the Present The topic of sex education conjures up much controversy regarding what should be taught, how it should be taught, or if it should be taught at all. The overarching goal of including sex education in public school curriculum should be to promote a lifelong healthy sexuality, and with this goal comes the hope that the inclusion of sex education in public schools will delay sexual activity. According to an article by David J. Landry, JacquelineRead MoreComprehensive Preparation For A Complete Life1068 Words   |  5 PagesCurrently, there are two forms of education focused on reducing teen pregnancies: abstinence-only education and comprehensive sex education with birth control. However, sex education and birth control are clearly the superior option, due to its effectiveness and the futility of abstinence-only education. Comprehensive sex education with an emphasis on birth control is a much more effective educational tool to prevent teen pregnancy than abstinence-only education. Fortunately, teen pregnancy ratesRead MoreSex Education And Sexual Education884 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"After a while, sex became a reality. It’s a lot harder to abstain when you’re actually in the moment, faced with that decision† (Stevens). Individuals encounter the reality of coming face to face with the temptations of intercourse; over time it becomes harder to sustain from joining the system. Students devour lust, but do not know how to control themselves and sex education provides substantial advice. With this in mind, sex education provides preparedness, answers questions, and creates awareness

Transportation for Urban Design Protocol for Australian Cities

Question: Discuss about theTransportation for Urban Design Protocol for Australian Cities. Answer: Introduction The efficient transportation system has been influencing the modern civilization in a significant way. According to Vergnes, Kerbiriou and Clergeau (2013), the economic development of the country is exclusively depending on the adequate and efficient transportation system. It is notable that the countries are unable to build the prosperity if the there is the lack of well-developed transport or communication system. Hence, it can be inferred that the developed and improved transport system of a country contributes to the economic development parameter. It is noticed that the transport system helps in increasing land values, making more labor mobile, focusing on equalizing prices, and determining the geographic industry distribution (Crane et al. 2016). The study would develop the considerable description of Houten Transport and the Harrington Grove transport of Sydney. The comparison between these transport systems would initiate ideas about the significant use of the effective trans port system. Furthermore, the study would provide the set of recommendation preferable for ensuring the sustainable transport development process. Description of Houten Transport System Houten, a city of Netherlands, has built the entire transportation system by prioritizing the pedestrian and cyclist. It is indeed considered as the Greenfield development with high quality bicycle infrastructure, proper transit access, and application of the effective educational programs for promoting cycling. In the year of 1968, the city council approved such unique ideas for developing the environmental welfare ( 2017). This transport system is focusing on developing the green environment by reducing the risks of accidental hazards and minimizing the amount of pollutant materials. The core design feature of this city transport involves the application of the measuring techniques of the traffic calms, narrow roads and separating the bicycle paths from the traffic of the car. The city layout includes two train stations and a ring road surrounds each of the station. The simple design and planning process is environmental friendly. The two town centers are connected with th e other destinations via a 135 km of red asphalt bicycle facilities (Krizek 2017). Any intersection between the auto-through traffic ad cycling facilities is modified with proper concentration and grade-separated treatments. It is to be noted that the traffic light concept is not present in this system. The unique process of maintaining the green development and developing the city transport system are much appreciable. Description of Harrington Transport System in Sydney Harrington Grove is another most significant urbanized transport system in Sydney. The report reflects that the Government of NSW has undertaken the decision of constructing the New South West Rail Link to connect the underground south of the Oran Park. The NSW Minister of Transportation undertook such decisions to improve the urbanized transportation system ( 2017). The ministry confirmed that the major aim of making such proposal is to save the Harrington Forest. It is also confirmed that the application of such initiation would not require resumption of the houses. This underground option is quite feasible for the citizens since it would not create any environmental hazards. Harrington Estates, the developer of the Harrington Grove supported such objectives ensured by the state government. The Harrington Transport System has paid attention towards the requirements of improving the urban residents. However, the major concern of the residents that their property or lands would be affected due to the connected roadways ( 2017). It is assumed that this transportation service would create the significant impact on the residents at Harrington Grove. It is generally focusing on the improvement of the public transport in Sydney. Unique designs of Houten Transport The bike centric culture and design is extensively embraced and admirable. The Houten City consists of over 129 kilometers of cycle paths colored in red and black (Hatfield and Boufous 2016). The path is completely separated from the car traffics. This unique design is contributing to the environment welfare purposes. In fact, the infrastructure costs are not too much high in compare to other transport ways in Netherlands. The focus of such unique design is to promote the safer and convenient cycling transport in Houten. However, there is one challenge can be foreseen due to the lack of sufficient places of parking the bicycles. Houten Transport system is mainly focusing on the development of the urban designs. It is notable that the focus on the urban design is the key to achieve the transport sustainability. However, it is even argued that the location of the housing and road layouts have the high chances of affecting the travel behaviour of the local residents. They would be prioritizing the cyclist priority instead of paying attention to their private cars. Another unique feature is added to the street layout and design (Kenna, Goodman and Stevenson 2017). The network of the streets in Houten connects the north and south ring roads. Each of these layouts is of about one kilometer. In general perspective, it has been noticed that there is the lack of direct connection between the neighborhoods by car. People need to use the ring road in order to get the access to the other neighborhoods. The cyclists receive the major priorities among the residential lives as well. Comparison between these two transport systems The unique ideas and urbanized transport planning applied to the Houten Transport System is much effective for the environment. The cycling ride throughout the cities is reducing the environmental pollution. In fact, these cycling areas are not connected to the car traffic areas. Hence, the risks of the accidental hazards are quite less. In compare to the Houten Transport System, it has been observed that the transport system in Harrington Grove has been creating much impact on the resident house (Howden-Chapman et al. 2015). Even though the initiative was undertaken for developing the residential housing and the lives of the people. However, multiple representations of the concerned issues are presented to the council on behalf of the property owners and developers. The lesser involvement of the target stakeholders is one of the major reasons behind such disagreements ( 2017). The core design feature of this city transport involves the application of the measuring techniqu es of the traffic calms, narrow roads and separating the bicycle paths from the traffic of the car. The affected property owners have their concerns regarding the proposal of the underground rail corridor ( 2017). The challenges in these two transport systems are quite recognizable. It was implied that prioritizing the cycling rides throughout Houten is creating the impact on the use of cars. Moreover, the lack of sufficient space for cycle parking is also one of the most significant issues faced by the residents of Houten. However, this transport system is focusing on developing the green environment by reducing the risks of accidental hazards and minimizing the amount of pollutant materials. On the other side, the Harrington Transport System has paid attention towards the requirements of improving the urban residents (Mulley and Tsai 2016). However, the major concern of the residents that their property or lands would be affected due to the connected roadways . Hence, the issues with the resident perspectives are different in these different transport based initiatives. Recommendation The ideas obtained from the above study highlights the appreciable transport planning undertaken by Houten Transport systems. Considering such unique approaches and designs, it is essential to provide the suitable recommendation for the Australian transport systems as well. The Australian transport systems require concentrating on the following factors while designing and developing the urban areas. The NSW Transport can align with the NSW Department of Planning and Environment. It would be helpful idea in gathering the adequate knowledge about the South West Growth Centre Structure Plan. The Transport Ministry would derive knowledge about the potential opportunities for transport planning and sustainability if the plan focuses on the environmental and residential welfare. It is important to structure the proper strategy for addressing the potential issues. For example, before the rail line is constructed, there is the significant issue with the higher level of development density. The strategy would determine the orderly rate of the development for mitigating the adverse outcomes of the urban planning. It is necessary to gather the fruitful ideas about the cost benefit process. The development of the structured cost benefit process is necessary prior to develop the transport system. The information is made to available publicly for maintaining the transparency in a significant way. The ideas gathered from the planning and design process of Houten, the Sydney transport Ministry also requires concentrating on the structured planning process. Hence, it is necessary to keep the focus on the environmental welfare process to ensure the sustainable future and efficient urban development. One of the major focuses of this transport planning system is the preservation of the corridor alignment. The council of transport administration in Sydney requires concentrating on the Review of Environmental Factors for gathering the adequate information about the heritage-related matters. Following the sequential steps for structuring the master plan for the stations would be helpful for the council to propose the better transport systems. The urban life would be developed accordingly. Conclusion The study provides the idea about the innovative and unique transportation planning initiated by Houden Transport Systems in Netherland. The unique ideas of developing the cycling rides throughout the city are creating the effective impact on the environment. The focus of such unique design is to promote the safer and convenient cycling transport in Houten. It ensures the less pollution and decreasing the number of the accidental hazards. The core design feature of this city transport involves the application of the measuring techniques of the traffic calms, narrow roads and separating the bicycle paths from the traffic of the car. The lack of sufficient space for cycle parking is also one of the most significant issues faced by the residents of Houten. However, this transport system is focusing on developing the green environment by reducing the risks of accidental hazards and minimizing the amount of pollutant materials. On the other hand, the underground transportation system init iative proposed by the Harrington Grove council is much criticized by the land or property owners. In spite of the positive outcome to be assumed, the landowners are afraid of losing their properties. The study develops the comparison between the Sydney Transport System and the Houden Transport System. In compare to the Houten Transport System, it has been observed that the transport system in Harrington Grove has been creating much impact on the resident house. The Sydney Transport Council requires providing more focus on the urban and environmental development. References, 2017.South-west Sydney residents and developers shocked by rail plan. [online] ABC News. Available at: [Accessed 26 Aug. 2017]., 2017. [online] Available at: [Accessed 26 Aug. 2017]. Crane, M., Rissel, C., Greaves, S., Standen, C. and Wen, L.M., 2016. Neighbourhood expectations and engagement with new cycling infrastructure in Sydney, Australia: findings from a mixed method before-and-after study.Journal of Transport Health,3(1), pp.48-60., 2017.Promoting traffic safety and cycling through urban design in Houten (Netherlands) | Eltis. [online] Available at: [Accessed 26 Aug. 2017]., 2017.Location | Harrington Grove. [online] Available at: [Accessed 26 Aug. 2017]., 2017.Proposed rail corridor and Harrington Grove. [online] Available at: [Accessed 26 Aug. 2017]. Hatfield, J. and Boufous, S., 2016. The effect of non-recreational transport cycling on use of other transport modes: A cross-sectional on-line survey.Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice,92, pp.220-231. Howden-Chapman, P., Keall, M.D., Conlon, F. and Chapman, R., 2015. Urban interventions: understanding health co-benefits.Urban Design and Planning., 2017. [online] Available at: [Accessed 26 Aug. 2017]. Kenna, T., Goodman, R. and Stevenson, D., 2017. Privatising the suburbs: examining the trends and implications of 20 years of private residential development in Sydney, Australia.Geographical Research. Krizek, K., 2017.Houten (Holland): Heaven or Hollow?. [online] Available at: [Accessed 26 Aug. 2017]. Mulley, C. and Tsai, C.H.P., 2016. When and how much does new transport infrastructure add to property values? Evidence from the bus rapid transit system in Sydney, Australia.Transport Policy,51, pp.15-23. Redman, L., Friman, M., Grling, T. and Hartig, T., 2013. Quality attributes of public transport that attract car users: A research review.Transport Policy,25, pp.119-127. Vergnes, A., Kerbiriou, C. and Clergeau, P., 2013. Ecological corridors also operate in an urban matrix: a test case with garden shrews.Urban ecosystems,16(3), pp.511-525.